Lunch at Kohinoor

Wesselényi utca 49, [map]
Pest, VII,
Wesselényi utca (T 4,6), 2 min
Cuisine > Indian

Rating: 7.8/10

Raining, hungry. The 74 trolleybus splashes grubby puddles onto the pavements of Wesselényi utca. Grey, dreary. That is, until I step into Kohinoor, the curryhouse at number 49.
Romantic Hindi pop serenades me as I tuck into my lentil soup, and I start to feel warmer, better. My mains arrive and it seems that even the 'small plate' is going to be plenty. On today's lunch menu is chicken dopiaza and vegetable masala, served with rice and naan. It tastes good and is certainly freshly made – the naan bread burns my fingers and the onions in my dopiaza are still nicely crunchy. Not a bit spicy mind you, but tasty nonetheless.

It isn't busy, but then it is a rainy Monday lunchtime during Ramadan... so fair enough. Flipping through the full menu it looks like there are plenty of meat dishes under 2000Ft, and vegetarian mains are around half that price. What with extras, I'd say an evening meal is likely to set you back around 3000Ft. Best value though is to come at lunchtime and feast for as little as 900Ft - this is all it costs for a 'small' plate and I was struggling to finish the last few bites of naan.

After a Pakistani tea (with milk and cardamom) I chat with Melinda, the Pakisztáni/Magyar waitress, who moaned about one of the customers being grumpy and rude. That really gets on her nerves, just so you know. They do home delivery too, in case you are always rude and don't want to worry about annoying Melinda in person.

After paying, I venture back out into the monochrome streets of autumnal Budapest. It's still raining, but armed with my belly full of curry I am winter-proof.

Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Atmosphere: 7.5/10

Value for money: 8/10 (lunch set)

Lucy F.



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