Gyros to die for

For any gyros connoisseur, proper preparation of a gyros is nothing short of culinary art, and Budapest is by no means short on options for sampling. But where to? Maybe you've tried your hand at a Star Kebab, asked for extra napkins at Titiz, or even braved one by the metro at Nyugati. But for those gyros enthusiasts with a discerning palate, an eye for ambiance, and no qualms with what's inside, look no further.

Wikinger (Gyros rating: 9.5/10)
Móricz Zsigmord körtér [map]
Buda, XI, (4/6 tram), 1 min

More popular with the Buda crowd, Wikinger, located at the heart of Móricz Zsigmond körtér, offers the most lavish dining options of the three. The inside breathes efficiency, and if you've got your Gyros Ordering Script memorized - Csirke vagy birkahűs? Csirke. Hagyma, csipős? Minden. Give me everything you've got! - you're whisked off to the checkout where you have the option of Soproni on tap: a real rarity when you're eating Turkish.

What's inside? I would label the finished product in the aromatic vain, doused with particularly strong sauces and complemented well with generous portions of lettuce and tomatoes. They're a bit frugal with the "meat", but enjoying your gyros out on their tent-covered patio overlooking the square more than makes up for it. Perhaps not the best option for staving off a hangover, Wikinger is much better suited for an early evening stop and more than worth the trip across the river.

Fufu és Fau Gyros Büfé (Gyros rating: 9.5/10)
Tompa u. 2, [map]
Pest, IX, (4/6 tram, Mester utca), 1 min

Though tucked away on Tompa utca, in between the körút and cafe/bar laden Raday utca, the comically large 'GYROS' sign that adorns the facade makes Fufu és Fau's hard to miss. Inside, the owners are inviting and more than willing to strike up a conversation. Space on the ground floor is a bit cramped, so once you've got your gyros, grab some extra napkins and head upstairs to the more spacious seating area. Dim lighting and a view of the church at Bakáts tér make it one of the more romantic gyros hideouts. "Yeah, you've got sauce all over your cheek. Let me get that for you."

What's inside? A real carnivore's delight, chock-full of the most tender gyros meat I've come across in the city. The sauce is both lighter and less spicy than commonly found, though perhaps it serves as a better complement to the meat. The whole oily mess is served in the ever-classy gyros cup. For the true gyros lover, Fufu és Fau's is a must.

Szultán Büfé (Gyros rating: 9.0/10)
Boráros tér, [map]
Pest, IX, (4/6 tram, Boráros tér), 0 min

Szultán büfé is one of the more unassuming gyros haunts in Budapest. Located in the underpass beneath the 4/6 tram at Boráros tér, it's a quality option for those looking to dine on the move. The "meat" is "fresh", the owners are friendly, and for the more health conscious, the falafel is vegetarian fast-food bliss. It's also one of the few places in the city where you can still find a falafel for under 500 forint.

What's inside? Szultán Büfé's gyros are packed with greens and drenched in a notably flavorful sauce. The owner never forgets to give the sliced pita tip a little flourish by running it through the flame before handing it over, almost making up for the fact that you'll be eating, dripping and dabbing your face as you walk to other night time destinations. Hop off the 4/6 for a quick bite if you're in the area.



  1. Jacob said...

    Szultán has the best falafel in town! 450 forint and it's served in ACTUAL pita bread, not a tortilla. One time the guy even threw on some french fries for free.  


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