Unicornis Étterem

Vámház körút 8 [map]
Pest, V,
Kálvin tér (M3, T47/49), 3 min
Cuisine > International

Rating: 7.0/10
Hankering for pizza? On a psychedelic trip to the moon? Have a hard-to-please group of friends all wanting to agree on someplace to eat? You’ve found your spot (but only if it's all three)!

The unassuming sign and facade that boasts of 990Ft (4€) pizza, leaves you ill-prepared for the world you're about to step into. You’re approaching another dimension. What lies within these walls is stupefying!

Unicornis appears to be the result of what happens when a few friends from opposite ends of the spectrum get together to run a restaurant. Probably their only bond is a penchant for LSD or magic mushrooms, which leaves them in no position to agree on anything!

The décor is analogous to what a 14-year-old fan of Dungeons and Dragons might do for their school art project. Styrofoam pockmarks the perimeter and is meant to look like a crumbling façade, in between white 'pillars' that stop mid-wall. A fire-breathing dragon and yes, of course, a unicorn, gallivant amidst a psychedelic space-scape beyond. The Neverending Story meets Flash Gordon but with zero budget and traditional Hungarian table booths.

Oh, and it’s not unlikely that you’ll hear 1990’s hit “Ice Ice Baby” followed by Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” to complete the oddest restaurant atmosphere in town.

What got me through the door of Unicornis in the first place was the cheap pizza, and it’s certainly the way to go if you're short on cash. You might assume that 990Ft only gets you a margarita, but you'd be mistaken, my friend. There are about two full pages of speciality pizzas, all a full 32 centimeters, all included in that same great price.

In keeping with the surroundings, there are some odd toppings too. The Barbecue pizza includes BBQ sauce, bacon, gyros(!), corn, onion, and peppers. It gets better. How about spicy sauce, Vienna sausage (hot dogs), bacon, corn, hot peppers, and fried eggs? While certainly not the most authentic pizza I’ve had in Budapest, it certainly wasn't the worst either. And psychedelic space beggars can't be choosers!

The rest of the menu is haphazard, to say the least.
Yogurt, pickles and turkey legs make their way into various loose translations of the “burrito”. There’s a “wok” section, some Indian options, salads, and of course Hungarian specialities. They also have a vegetarian selection which goes beyond fried cheese and salad, with heartier options such as the veggie risotto.

Unicornis is absolutely not the place to impress on a first, second, third or any date! Likewise, bring your parents here, and it'll only confirm their suspicions that you're not eating properly. But if you're hungry at that end of town, with 1000Ft in your pocket, and in need of a giggle, Unicornis delivers. It delivers you into a mythological world where a boy who needs some food can find a restaurant that needs a hero.

Food: 6.5/10
Service: 7/10
Atmosphere: 7.5/10

Value for money: 8/10

Unicornis Étterem is between Kálvin tér and Fóvám tér (Great Market Hall) tram stops on the #47/49 line and is within easy walking distance of either.
Ariba; Aribba; Areeba; Arribba
Jacob P.


  1. Unknown said...

    This review is funny - makes me want to go eat space pizza  

  2. Clà said...

    The place is quite nice and in a good location, but their pizza...is something apart from the real pizza! Maybe is good to be a California Style pizza...  

  3. Anonymous said...

    This place rocks!
    Best pizza in town for sure and great prices too.  


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