Gyorskocsi utca 6 [map]
Buda, I, Batthyány tér (M2), 1 min

Rating: 7.5/10

The sausage is a complex animal. From Kolbász to Haggis; Cumberland to Toulouse, the variation is broad and the boast of many a national cuisine. And then there is Germany...

“....there are more different sausages in Germany than there are breakfast foods in America, and if there is a bad one among them then I have never heard of it. " [H.L. Mencken]

Buda's Bratwursthäusle will bring out the Bavarian in you or, at least, it tries its unconventional best. Picture an eighties office block, ground floor, mostly windows, and through those windows, the sides of a shed. Yes, with little chequered curtains in the shed windows. From the rows of benches outside, the effect is rather odd, but from the tables inside it feels as natural as sitting in a shed eating sausages. You might not believe that you’re in Germany but some form of disorientation is highly probable.

Bavarian soup with a liver dumpling is one of the more unusual starters I’ve experienced in Budapest. The fat sausage-like dumpling floats around the bowl like it’s fallen in by mistake. Appetising? Not exactly and less-so once you attack it. My sausage choice is Rost Bratwurste. Grilled sausages in a country with no grills are quite a treat and akin to English chipolata. The menu gave a choice of 6, 8, 10 or 12, obviously anticipating the arrival of chain sausage-eaters.

I also braved the leberkäse (literally liver-cheese) which was something like a thick slice of fried meatloaf. The unusual texture wasn’t really to my taste but certainly an option to any home-sick Bavarian. The Nűrnberger potato salad on the other hand was the perfect side to any meat-fest.

Notably, the beer is Bavarian too, and there’s a good selection: wheat beer, white or brown; pilsner; dark beer; Rigoletto – half pilsner, half brown – if you’re open to experimentation. Drinks prices are high, about 700 for a korso, but it’s easier to swallow when you’re paying for something that you won’t find elsewhere in the city.

The place is advertised as both Bierstube and Bratwursthäusle so it's as much a bar as a restaurant. But unless you're vegetarian, failing to try the food must be seen as a wasted opportunity. And it's relatively kind on the wallet, if not the waistline.

Food: 7/10
Service: 7.5/10
Atmosphere: 7.5/10

Value for money: 8/10
Bayerische Bierstube Bratwursthausle Bratwursthause Bratwursthaus
Look for the long benches just behind the market building on Batthyány tér.
Kolbászda Kolbaszda Bajor Söröző Sorozo
Andy Sz.


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