Arriba Taqueria

Teréz körút 25 [map]
Pest, VI, Oktogon (T4/6, M1), 2 min
Cuisine > Mexican

Rating: 7.3/10

Budapest is in no way at a loss for globalized fast food chains. McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut, you name it. There's just one thing missing from my book of American fast food staples: Mexican. When the deep reaches of your stomach and the sensors in your brain are telling you that you haven't had a Mexican fix in a while, then Arriba Taqueria is your place in Budapest.

Arriba is in no way a Mexican fast food joint a la Taco Bell. Not even close, and that's probably a good thing. You can't get a taco for pennies, there's no grade D meat involved, in fact, Arriba's the stronger choice (not that you have one—there's no TB in sight). Arriba's closer cousins are the American burrito chains, Qdoba and Chipotle.

You come in, there's a menu board, you pick which burrito, quesadilla, or taco you want, the friendly (yes, friendly! and helpful! in Budapest! eureka!) staff grabs your tortilla shell and shuffles it down the line where toppings galore await your go-ahead to be piled high in your tortilla, then it's wrapped, tossed in a basket with a few chips and you're on your merry way. However, by few chips, I literally mean a few, like 3. I think they could stand to throw in at least enough to sop up the leftover pico de gallo and beans that spill out of your bulging burrito.Due to the plethora of ingredients involved though, there's no shortage of flavor going on and that's how a good burrito should be. Chorizo, pollo, carne asada, carnitas, machaca, even a vegetarian option; the fillings and options are plentiful. One of the only things you should be wary of when making your selections at Arriba: it can get a bit pricey rather quickly if you snag a burrito and, say, opt for another item, such as the much needed extra chips, a fresh squeezed orange juice, or an imported Mexican beer. All in all though, the menu boasts of a vast, tasty selection and you can even swing by in the AM for a breakfast burrito.

Arriba's great for other things as well. Their bathroom is so mod, you'll feel like you're peeing in 2010. They have free WiFi, so you can enjoy your quesadilla while Skype-ing with friends and show them that Mexican food really does exist in Budapest. It's nice to find out that their business practices stand up as well. Arriba's packaging is largely biodegradable and re-usable, and they even use Fair Trade coffee.

Though the decor is predictable, it follows suit with what certainly feels like a chain restaurant, but when it comes to this style of Americanized Mexican food, I think that's what we've come to expect. With that said, the crowd that Arriba draws in follows suit as well. It's a place where it's not hard to spot an overweight, over-loud American yelling, "Yo! Grab me the hot sauce!" But would you really want it any other way?

Food: 7.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Atmosphere: 7/10

Value for money: 6.5/10

Arriba Taqueria is just a stone's throw from Oktogon. Walk up Teréz körut (toward Margit hid) for about two minutes, it's on the right, you can't miss it. They also do delivery.
Ariba; Aribba; Areeba; Arribba
Jacob P.


  1. hub events said...


    I was in there last week, and they gave me a free burrito for being a regular - 'you don't have to pay this time.' That alone deserves at least an extra 0.5 on the rating. I don't even go there that often.

    andy t.  


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