Pink Cadillac

Ráday utca 22 [map]
Pest South, IX, Kalvin ter (M3), 5 min
Cuisine > Italian American
Tel. 216-1412; 218-9382

Rating: 6.0/10

“...we dont have to drive it honey, we can park it out in back, and have a party in your pink cadillac.” (Bruce Springsteen). If you do have a party in Pink Cadillac, it’ll probably be a pizza party, or a pasta party, but it’s unlikely to be that memorable, not for the food anyway.

Table after table; parasol after parasol; menu after menu... woe betide the hapless tourist who returns from Budapest with nothing but memories of Váci utca, Liszt Ferenc tér and Ráday utca. There’s a holiday atmosphere, certainly, but the city’s tourist spots come with an obvious catch: you get watered-down Budapest at pumped-up prices.

Pink Cadillac has plenty of outdoor seating and the interior is fairly airy too, with much of the facade opening up for the summer. We took a table by the wall. After a few waiterless minutes, we thought we’d hit the button on the little box next to the table. (Note to manager - please change the text to read: “Hit the button if you want to piss the waiters off!”)

But I was briefly prepared to forgive the underwhelming service. A couple of strips of pizza bread with garlic butter were a pleasant enough, free appetizer while the pizza itself looked pretty appealing: no skimping on the olives and a fair amount of chicken too. However, the fusion of toppings didn’t add up to very much, getting through the doughy base became a war of attrition and no one offered me any pepper either.

The Spaghetti Frutti di Mari was distinctly lacking in great shakes too: two very small prawns left the twirls of processed seafood to dominate. Tiring of my pizza, I swapped it for the pasta for a while. Then I swapped back.

So, what of the venue? It’s ok. Modern, cleanish, with all the character of a modern, cleanish non-Italian pizza joint. The bonnet of a Cadillac coming through the wall doesn't do a lot for me, apart from giving some credence to the name. (Personally, I think they missed a trick in failing to involve Elvis, Springsteen, or Clint Eastwood.)

If this doesn't sound like your bag of mild Americana or there are no tables that take your fancy, you could always go next door to Paris, Texas, where you'll find exactly the same menu at exactly the same price, and another slightly cosier variant of mild Americana. Either way, if you’re on Ráday and you want a pizza, you could do worse and you could pay more. On the other hand, if you're looking for above-average cuisine, take a drive in a different neighbourhood.

Food: 6/10
Service: 6/10
Atmosphere: 6/10

Value for money: 6/10

Walk up Ráday utca from Kalvin tér and Pink Cadillac is on the left. They also do take-away.
Raday, Caddilac, Cadilac, Cadillack, Caddilack
Andy Sz.



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