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No matter how long you're in Budapest for, there are a few places we think you should really check out. So we've created:

Click on the logo above, or in the right-hand menu in any of the sections: bars & cafes; eating out; or sightseeing, to find our list of unmissables. Or just keep your eyes peeled for the tag.

If there's anywhere you think we've overlooked, please let us know.

Andy T.



  1. Anonymous said...

    Check out the pandjaab tandoori restaurant, the finest indian food ive tasted in Bp... (im a local) if you are facing the opera, walk into the sreet on the left, and on the right side of that street (i think the name is pannonia str.), youll find a little door, with curry-smell flowing out. perfect place for a date or to go with good old friends, prices are ok, funny eclectic decoration, and their chicken tikka with garlic naan and mushroom rice rule... :)

  2. Anonymous said...

    I travel a lot and love to eat, and this summer visited Budapest. The food is great there. Really delicious. I tried some bigger restaurants like: Fatal, Nosztalgia, Ven Betyar, Gundel and some smaller places, for example at the market hall on the first floor, or in the Westend City Center (there is an end of a floor where there are only small places you can eat). I travelled from Prague by train and stayed here:  


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